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The 6th Gyeonggi Film School Festival (GFSF2020) Begins Today, September 25 at MovieBloc

It’s MovieBloc team.

The 6th Gyeonggi Film School Festival (GFSF2020), a film festival for students dreaming of becoming movie directors, began today on the MovieBloc website ( The festival will be held for 10 days from today (Friday) to October 4 (Sunday).

🎬 After signing up on MovieBloc website, you can watch all 70 outstanding works in Korea and overseas for free.

There will be various online events such as ‘MovieBloc PICK’ event which will be held from Thursday, October 1st to Saturday October 3rd, and comment event.

Previous Online Film Festival KWFF 2020 PICK Event

MovieBloc x GFSF Event 🎈🎉🎁

Final two films for “MovieBloc PICK” event will be selected by adding the number of comments and star rating accumulated between September 25 (Friday) and September 30 (Wednesday). There will be a certain amount of MBL given for the directors of the final selected work and the audience who voted for the winning work after voting from Thursday, October 1st to Saturday.

Also, a review event will be held until October 4th (Sunday), the last day of the festival, and a total of 20 people will be selected from those who leave comments on the movie they like, or questions they want to ask the director, and each will be given an MBL worth $50.

The Gyeonggi Film School Festival, which marks its sixth anniversary this year, will invite and screen outstanding works from seven leading film universities in four Asian regions, and will also feature eight outstanding works made by institutions other than regular film education in Gyeonggi Province.

A special festival featuring the creations of young film school students will be held free of charge at MovieBloc for 10 days from today.

Thank you.
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