XT.COM Announced MBL Staking Event with 10% APR!

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2 min readApr 18, 2024


Dear Community.

This is MovieBloc team.

Following the news of MBL’s listing on XT.COM, we would like to introduce the MBL Staking event on XT.COM.

The event will be open for participation from 10:00 on April 18th, 2024.(UTC)

What is Staking?

XT.COM’s Staking on is a financial product within the Simple Earn category on XT.COM.

Terms of MBL Staking

Staking has 10% of APY, and staked MBL will be locked for 30 days and interest will be credited to your Spot Account every day at +0:00 UTC.

You can participate from 1,000 MBL, and the event cap is 10,672,470 MBL

Please note

You cannot withdraw from this Staking event, so please choose carefully before participating.

This event will end when the allotment is exhausted.

How to participate

1. You can participate in the MBL event via the link below.

2. Log in to XT.com and deposit MBL to your XT.com account (depositable mainnet: ONT) or purchase


3. Click Subscribe in the order shown in the screenshot below — Select the amount of MBL you want to participate in staking — Confirm

MBL will be open and will be explained on the detailed page with another example.

Please check the link below for more detailed information.

>>XT Staking Launches MBL On-chain Staking Products, Subsribe and Earn 10% APR!

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.