What is Xender & MovieChain?

Xender is a device to device (D2D) file-sharing app which allows users to share any type of file (audio, video, photo, digital document, app, etc.) without using internet.

In countries where internet infrastructure is well developed, personal computers are popular and wi-fi coverage is high, most netizens choose to watch videos on streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Whereas in countries where infrastructure is still under construction, netizens are more dependent on their smart phones rather than PCs, this model no longer seems to fit well: unlike free wi-fi, mobile data is limited and arguably more expensive; unlike stable internet and wi-fi connections, mobile signals are more subject to regional or conditional constraints.

Xender helps to solve this problem by allowing users to share anything without consuming internet/mobile data. This is also the reason why Xender is really popular among users from emerging countries. Our statistic can speak for itself.

We currently have accumulated more than 11 million daily active users (DAU) and more than 110 million monthly active users (MAU). It is breath-taking to discovered that nearly 200 million files are transferred daily from one smart phone to another by using Xender. Among those files, 46 million are videos and this data shows that users have a huge demand for entertainment resources in the form of video.

If we approach this from a macro perspective, eventually Xender users will form a distributed network depicted in the diagram above. Each Xender user is a node who functions to receive and distribute digital assets (movies). By incorporating blockchain technology, MovieChain allows real-time revenue split for anyone who contributes to the ecosystem.

MovieChain is a distributed business infrastructure for movie industry. It is based on Xender’s current functions but with several brand new features to incentivize both users and copyright holders.

This diagram shows the basic business logic of MovieChain platform. MovieChain would like to connect movie providers or copyright holders to our existing users base. By doing so, MovieChain offered a new market for movie providers since most Xender users are transferring video files in large quantities already but those digital contents are most likely pirated or of bad quality.

In terms of distribution, copyright holders can still sell copyrights of satellite, streaming or even air (movies you watch during a flight) to their previous customers but MovieChain will take over offline + downloading copyrights and make them profitable and scalable for the first time in history of movie industry.

MovieChain will purchase movie titles from movie producers and copyright holders. The files will be encrypted and uploaded to a MovieChain cloud. Existing Xender users can download movies from the cloud (online) or they can get movies directly from their friends or family by Xender app (offline).

Once users have movies in their smartphones, they can watch each movie up to 30 minutes for a free trial. Once users hit the encryption point, they will be asked to conduct a small payment if they want to watch the full movie.

For example, Justin downloaded a movie from MovieChain cloud and got some MovieCoin (MVC) as rewards. After the free trial watch was ended, Justin had three options to earn enough MVC to make the payment:

  1. Purchasing MVC with fiat currency via mobile payment platforms like Alipay or PayTM.
  2. Transferring this movie to a friend or family member with Xender and gets MVC as rewards.
  3. Posting promotional materials of MovieChain on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and etc. to earn MVC as rewards.

What’s more interesting is that if Justin shared the movie to a friend and his friend decided to watch the full movie by making a direct payment from mobile payment platforms, Justin will instantly get a share of commission for his effort to distribute.

To make it simpler and easier to remember, we have summarized the whole business model into 2 phrases:

  1. A-B-C 2-layer incentive model
  2. C2D+D2D+F2F (Cloud to device, device to device and friend to friend)

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