Moving Abroad. My new blog series!

Paying it forward by writing down everything I know.

Inspired by Tanya Kar’s work

So I came up with a hack — what if I write something not for myself, but for the Chhavi I was 3 years ago? I would have truly appreciated any help I could get to get closer to my dream of living in Europe.

And that was it. She planted the seed, and it grew up as me being super ambitious and determined to live in Paris in a studio apartment, and have a perfect French wardrobe capsule (she also got me monthly issues of Vogue).

I don’t like it when YouTubers babble for a long while before telling me how to just open this wine bottle without a cork screw. Please just get to the point. So this was that long introduction.

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Is moving abroad for a job on your mind? Follow along for some practical tips for job hunting, visa and relocation experiences, and behind-the-scenes of living in a different country.

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