Writing Action Scenes

Sitting in the 5th floor of the Natural History Museum

Last night a writer-director friend shared a video with me in response to my earlier post on Absolutes.

The video is of Tony Gilroy, and while I love his answer to the question about the heroes journey, I really loved the idea he shared about writing action scenes in the space that they will ultimately take place.

I shared the idea with Alan, and on a whim we drove up after lunch to Salt Lake City (about an hour north) to the Natural History Museum where we are staging a big chunk of the first act of our movie.

We walked the space, we took pictures, we scouted, we talked, and we landed on the fifth floor looking out over the valley.

Here we sat and we rewrote the opening to the movie. It really really works.

Ideas seemed to flow easier, there was a tangible feeling of inspiration by just being there, even though these events, so far, have only taken place in our minds and in the script.

So, next time you’re in a rut, or just need a change of scenery, consider going to the location you plan to film the scene and see what happens…

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