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Building Brand Loyalty and Reducing Anxiety with UI Animation

Turn moments of anxiety into opportunities to delight users and build emotional bonds through animation.

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The joy of tech. Credit: “Office Space”.
So much uncertainty!

An opportunity for delight is present anytime our user is facing anxiety and is surprised by an especially positive outcome.

Learn to create this button in 20 minutes with Flow. Start the tutorial here.

Submitting & Sending

The sweaty, nervous monkey knows how you feel. Credit: MailChimp
Help them celebrate. Credit: MailChimp


  1. The button press is followed by crisp, immediate animation. My wish to “Save” has been acknowledged. I’m sure things are happening.
  2. Ok, but is it really doing something? The “Smiley Face Progress Bar” is objectively adorable, makes the process of saving feel more tangible and assures me that it’s actually being done. Remember, I’m fragile. Hold me.
  3. Finally, the checkmark at the end gives me the soul-soothing confirmation that my attempt to save has been successful beyond a shadow of a doubt. And checkmarks feel good — so it helps me celebrate, in a small way.

Logging In

I’d log in for that yeti all day. Credit: CodePen ( Old design, not online anymore. )

System & User Errors

Animation is one of the many great tools at our disposal to try and salvage these uncomfortable moments.

Credit: Stripe and a great breakdown of some of Stripe’s animations here.

Animate Your Own Save Button

Learn to create this button in 2o minutes with Flow. Start the tutorial here.

Step 1. Download Flow

Step 2. Start the Tutorial

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