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5 min readOct 6, 2021


The Future is multi-chain. We are seeing great ecosystems blossom on multiple chains like Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, Fantom, Avalanche and others.

In a multi-chain world, asset bridges become ‘roads’ or ‘routes’ between chains. Users can choose multiple routes to take them from chain A to chain B. However, each route comes with a different journey time (bridging time), toll cost (bridge costs) and fuel consumed (GAS).

Moreover, the journey time, toll cost and fuel consumed might be different every time, making it really difficult to find the best route. For example, some routes might support only specific vehicles (tokens); toll cost for some routes may vary with vehicle size (token amount)- so they might not be ideal for large vehicles; or there might be high traffic on some routes, which leads to an increase in journey time and fuel consumed.

FundMovr is the Google Maps for the multi-chain world: it helps users move their funds between chains via the best possible route! 🗺

FundMovr connects all chains!

We need FundMovr!

Say Alice has DAI on Arbitrum, but she wants ETH on Polygon instead. There are multiple ways (or routes) she can use to do this:

  • Route 1: DAI to ETH via 1Inch on Arbitrum → ETH from Arbitrum to Polygon via Hop
  • Route 2: DAI to ETH via Paraswap on Arbitrum → ETH from Arbitrum to Polygon via Connext
  • Route 3: DAI from Arbitrum to Optimism via Hyphen → DAI to ETH via Uniswap on Optimism
  • Route 4: DAI from Arbitrum to Optimism via Anyswap → DAI to ETH via Sushiswap
  • ..and many more routes!

Different routes from above might be preferable for different situations. For example:

  • Bridging ETH via Hop might have positive slippage involved thus making route 1 most cost-efficient
  • Hop and Connext might not be ideal if the bridging amount is large because of high slippage making route 3 or 4 preferable
  • Bridging ETH via Connext might be the cheapest but the DAI-ETH swap on Arbitrum might be too expensive, making another route more preferable from a overall cost perspective
It’s a sad & confused world without FundMovr!

FundMovr aggregates all bridges, DEXs and DEX aggregators under one roof to make it easy for Alice to move her funds b/w chains. It finds all the available routes and sorts them out by:

  • Maximum output (ETH) on the destination chain
  • Minimum GAS fee for swap and transfer
  • Lowest Bridging Time

Alice can simply select her preferred option from the 3 routes above and FundMovr takes care of the rest! Easy peasy! :)

FundMovr makes things easy!!

Zero-cost cross-chain transfers!

To make moving across chains even more cost-efficient, we will soon introduce a peer-to-peer settlement layer in our architecture to enable costless cross-chain swaps. Say Alice wants to move 100 DAI from Optimism to Arbitrum and Bob wants to move 50 DAI from Arbitrum to Optimism. We’ll settle the DAI against each other and only move the remaining 50 DAI from Optimism to Arbitrum. More on this soon!

FundMovr Architecture

FundMovr for Developers

With dApps and users transacting across multiple chains, bridging has become an important part of any user journey. dApps and developers hence want to build their own use cases using bridges to provide a seamless UX for their users. We make it easy for developers to do this by making FundMovr available via SDKs and APIs today! Check out our docs here.

Some use cases developers can build out:

  • In-App Bridging: Apps can integrate FundMovr into their UI to allow their users to bridge without leaving the app interface! Developers can support all bridges with one single integration, while app users get the most efficient way to bridge funds.
  • Easy position migration: Apps like Aave, Instadapp etc. can make it easy to migrate user staking positions from different chains ex: move position from Polygon to Arbitrum cost-efficiently and in just 1 click by building on top of FundMovr.
  • …and many more!

FundMovr BETA

We have been building in stealth for the last few months and are launching FundMovr Beta really soon. We have already integrated multiple chains, bridges and DEX aggregators to provide several routes for users from day one!!

We’ll start out with a small group of beta testers from the Movr community and then launch it for the whole world very really soon! We will keep improving our product based on feedback from early users to provide the most seamless bridging experience ever! Exciting rewards for early users and community members may be announced soon ;)

Join our Beta waitlist here.

Sneak Peek!

Moving Forward

We will soon release more information, including our roadmap, timelines and some exciting partnerships. We welcome feedback from the community and are open to collaborations, so feel free to reach out!

Want to Get Involved?

  • Join our Beta waitlist here!
  • We are kicking off our community. Join our discord here!
  • We’re hiring! Check out our job postings if you’re interested in joining the core team.
  • If you want to use FundMovr as part of your project, please reach out to us on our discord above.

About Movr

Movr’s mission is to simplify building cross-chain applications. We are building critical interoperability infrastructure for a multi-chain future which will power cross-chain use cases like cross-chain lending (deposit collateral on Aave-Optimism, borrow from Aave-Polygon); multi-chain Yearn (Yearn optimising for highest net APY from across chains), cross-chain swaps and many more!

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