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Nils Schnell
Jul 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Modern Work is something new. When you compare traditional companies with modern and innovative companies the difference becomes quite obvious — you sense it from the moment you step in the door, whether it’s a startup, IT company or corporation.

About our ModernWorkTour

At Mowomind we strive to connect and exchange thoughts about company culture, leadership and mindset. We find ways to improve and support to develop your company or team and with our background in lifelong learning, coaching and training, methodics and didactics, we are passionate about ideas and how companies move the needle when it comes to personal growth, structure development, culture based working formats and processes. We bring quite some experience ourselves, loving to share and enable others. At the same time we are curious about other viable solutions and developments from individual to company level. We started in the Balkans. Next is Asia, Ozeania, Africa and America.

What we did so far

Our Modernworktour started almost a month ago and so far we have already been to Munich, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Split, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Tirana.

We have used this time to meet with interesting companies, startups, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and individual contributors of modern ways of working. Not only did we have interesting and intense discussions about how to scale, work agile, lead and improve, but we also started interviewing people for a documentary about Modern Work. This will give us another platform on which to share our insights with a broader audience, to help traditional companies that want and need to change and become more innovative. And the best part? Our journey has only just begun. We will continue to gain deeper insights, to collect more good practices and to experience new viewpoints about Modern Work around the world.

Back in Germany we love working with interdisciplinary teams, supported by powerful leads and founders, and in innovative companies the diversity of employees and approaches is exceptionally high. We can’t imagine having a ModernWork environment without it. At least not without openness and open-minded thinkers. In fact, it is the beauty of this kind of modern work environment which allows us to continue working for German companies and Universities remotely, even while traveling.

Destination: The Balkans

People in modern work contexts are open to sharing their ideas, wherever you go.

There are increasingly more innovative companies and startups in the Balkan countries and we love it. There is such a tremendous potential here; in the trendy co-working spaces we visited you sense the open-mindedness, even if so-called modern ways of working are not as well established here. We are curious about how our experience will shape our point of view. We have already had a wonderful time. Connecting our passion for travelling with a passion for working is a beautiful fusion — intense, sometimes tough, but definitely worth it!

If you want to know more about our ModernWorkTour, visit to gain insights. If you know any interesting companies that you think we should visit let us know!

The Sarajevo Times also published an article about ModernWork in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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We post about ModernWork topics.


We post about ModernWork topics. Innovative formats, new methods, mindset and reflection, leadership and group-dynamics

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We post about ModernWork topics. Innovative formats, new methods, mindset and reflection, leadership and group-dynamics