This UX enhancement would make Figma a better tool

Shkodran Arifi
Aug 3, 2017 · 4 min read

A few days ago one of my teammates sent me the Figma app link to check it out. It looked like something new, but when I clicked on the link I realized that I have seen this platform before but haven’t actually tried it so I thought it was worth a try.

After rechecking their website, I joined and started learning how it works.

To be honest the layout wasn’t very clear for me as a new user and in the beginning I saw that they are giving 3 example projects to start and explore with.

Then, after I hinted some flaws about the UX of this app, I started thinking on writing an article about it. I was very enthusiastic because I was going to find some UX issues and share them with you via Medium and maybe the Figma team would elaborate on them and start thinking for a possible solution.

The first thing I tried when I opened a project was to go back to my projects and the first button that I clicked was the hamburger icon, but then I saw a dropdown with a list of menu labels and I was perplexed!

From my previous experience I learned that this button on other apps in a situation like this sent me back to projects but UX in Figma wasn’t the same.

Four square icon

Now I got confused because I couldn’t find the back button, and then I started looking everywhere. I first clicked on the ‘four square’ icon that indicates the same style as projects , but what I got was “Team Library”. Now my confusion levels were getting higher than before.

Afterwards, I continued checking other places. I sparked the name of the project but that didn’t indicate with a back button, so I was looking on the top right corners of those icons but unfortunately none of those worked.

In the end I said to myself “let’s try this arrow here, what can it be?” (the only thing left without trying).

Arrow dropdown

When I clicked on it, I saw that that button was under there but not highlighted or something that would make it more visual to the eye, and personally I would have liked this button to be more highlighted so I would navigate through the app with more ease.

If this button was more apparent in the place of the Hamburger icon or ‘Team Library” , it would have better UX because, then the user would go back with one click, since right now it has 2 steps to it (1. down arrow, 2. back button)

Now to be honest, Figma has its own great attributes and works very well in general. For example one of the things I liked is that designers can work on Web browser and this doesn’t make a division between MacOS and Windows users.

Next thing is Real-time collaboration to design with a fellow designer, engineer or client in real-time and this is a very efficient feature.

Another great feature that definitely is worthy to write about is Version History, which works without fail and you are always safe with your designs, plus you are not demanded to use Cmd+S always.

Overall it was a skillful experience and I am left with hope that their team will view this concern and come up with answers.

Now, did you notice that I was talking about UX problems of Figma but this was actually a case study of UX on its own, because I started telling you what I did step by step in order to elaborate a UX by itself and in the end this was a case study article.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this experience of mine and see you on the next article.

I am a Product Designer who is all about keen eye for smart UX, clean and elegant UI. You can check me at Dribbble or Behance. You can also contact me though my email: I am open to new opportunities and challenging projects.

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