Mozilla Campus Club Orientation, Amrit Campus

On date 2017/06/21 we(Mozilla ASCOL) conducted an orientation program about Mozilla Campus Club at our college Amrit Campus. There were about 30 participants from different semester of B.Sc. CSIT studying at Amrit Campus.

The program was conducted by three different speakers talking on different topics about Mozilla Campus Club along with some interesting facts about Mozilla Community.

First talk was of our Mozilla ASCOL Executive Member, Rameshwor Dhakal. First he introduced participants about Mozilla Campus Club and the benefits a member gets after being involved on such club. He also encouraged everyone to love and contribute to open source to make the web a better place.

Rameshwor Dhakal presenting about Mozilla Campus Club

On the second talk Mozilla ASCOL Club Captain, myself Nirmal Rijal was taking about how to get involved in Mozilla ASCOL. I also told the participants how they can create a learning environment on college and do projects on collaboration with their peer. I was also talking about future plans of our club to conduct workshops and work on project by Mozilla ASCOL.

Nirmal Rijal, Campus Club Captain

And the last talk was of Mozilla Campus Community Regional Coordinator, Roshan Gautam. He told everyone how the Campus Club program by Mozilla Community was established and how he became a Regional Coordinator. He also talked about Mozilla Nepal and it’s contributions on Localizing different Mozilla Projects and other open source projects.

Roshan Gautam, Regional Coordinator of Mozilla Campus Community
Orientation Program Participants


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