Mozilla Builders Fix The Internet Showcase — 24 awesome pitches & much much more!

Bart Decrem
Nov 4, 2020 · 2 min read

On Thursday, October 29, Mozilla Builders hosted our very first Fix The Internet Showcase. 24 teams showed off what they built this summer to create a better internet. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker offered her perspective on what needs fixing now. A panel of entrepreneurs who were in the Summer incubator offered their Hot Takes. We announced 18 Open Lab prize winners. And much more!

If you weren’t able to attend the event, no worries. Here’s a list of the companies and projects that presented:

And here’s the full replay of the event:

All of these teams are Open For Business: they are raising money, looking for distribution and other partnerships, and in many cases building teams and looking for volunteers. If you’d like to get in touch with one of the teams, here’s a handy Google Form, OR you can just email builders at and we’ll make the introduction for you!

We also honored 18 teams from our Open Lab. Here’s the list of those winners.

Keep building!

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