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Kickstarting Flutter — The cross-platform framework by Google

Google Flutter is one of the most famous application development framework initially launched for Android and iOS devices. But from last few months, flutter is an official framework for Web development, desktop apps development for Windows, macOS and Linux and even it is used for embedded systems. Google’s Flutter uses Dart programming language which is developed by Google.

Flutter is a cross-platform application development framework which supports the single code-base paradigm i.e. one code for different types of OS and devices. Flutter is well known for its rapid development i.e. one can develop apps using flutter in record time.

Why Flutter?

Flutter has gained a lot of attraction in the developers' community since it is launched. The framework has a lot of beautiful features and tools. Some of the features of Flutter are:

  1. Single Code-base — As one code-base is used for developing apps for all kind of devices, the work of a developer becomes easier and the team size of the projects also gets reduced because we no more require separate teams for applications at different platforms.
  2. Beautiful UI and Material Design — Flutter ships with the inbuilt material design which makes it really special from others.
  3. Native Performance — Flutter supports almost every native features of the mobile devices and this is one of the most interesting facts about it.
  4. Record Development time — Flutter supports Rapid Application Development(RAD) development model and hence it is highly used to develop apps at a very fast pace.
  5. Community Support — As Flutter is a product by a tech giant Google, it is having incredible community support behind it.
  6. Cost-efficient — As Flutter is a cross-platform framework, it becomes easier for the developers to build the apps for multiple platforms and OS. The startups can invest in this technology initially as the native app development more investment to develop.
  7. Startup friendly — Many startups are investing in Flutter because of many reasons like rapid app development, cost-efficient, easy to code and manage and many more.

Flutter for Everyone

Flutter is a kind of framework which will be helpful for all kind of developers, viz. newbies, developers from different backgrounds, and even for expert developers. So, I will be discussing this section in two sub-sections:

  1. Flutter for beginners — Flutter framework is very easy to learn but it needs some determination. A newbie developer can easily learn Flutter with a very little programming knowledge required. Just with clear Object-Oriented Programming and some basic knowledge of an Object-Oriented Programming language is strongly recommended.
  2. Flutter for developers from a different background — Flutter framework is very much suitable for the developers who are from different background and trying to migrate to Flutter. This makes it really attractive for the developers. A developer from a web development background or android development or IOS development or Desktop application development background can easily learn Flutter.

How to get started?

Here is a video series on Youtube for a crash course on Flutter which will give you an idea about how to start with Flutter.

Flutter framework does not have any learning path to follow, you are just required to follow the way you like and the framework will automatically adjust itself according to you. This is the beauty of Flutter. There are many resources present on the internet to learn the Flutter framework.

  1. Flutter Documentation
  2. Flutter Community in Medium
  3. MTech Viral Youtube Channel
  4. Udemy Courses
  5. Tutorials on Youtube by Raja Yogan.
  6. Flutter & Dart course by Hitesh Choudhary sir.
  7. The Boring Flutter Development Show will be a wonderful playlist on YouTube to start off.

Final Words

Learning a new technology is always a new experience and Flutter is a very exciting technology to learn and have a new experience. Flutter framework is the future of application development. It is very suitable for the startup environment. Many startups and even big companies like Alibaba group, Philips, Dream11 and many others are investing in Flutter so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to learn this new tech and build awesome things.

Thank you for your patience and keep learning.




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