Connect with the Open Leadership Zone at MozFest

Can’t make it to London? You can virtually connect with the Open Leadership Zone all weekend!

The Open Leadership Zone at MozFest 2016

The Open Leadership Zone is back for MozFest, the world’s leading festival for the open Internet movement.

This year, you can virtually connect to our demos and office hours all weekend long! Want to ask our mentors a question about working open? You can video conference into the Open Leadership Zone and chat away.


Looking for an open project to contribute to? Hear about the projects from this round of Mozilla Open Leaders! Featuring a curated list of projects fueling the health of the Internet, ready for new contributors.

Friday Demos — at the MozFest Science Fair

Friday Oct 27, 18:00 BST (check your time here, instructions to join the call)

Featured projects:

Saturday Demos — featuring the Boston Fringe Event

Saturday Oct 28, 14:00 BST (check your time here, instructions to join the call)

This special edition demos will stream in the morning session of the Boston Fringe Event at the MIT Media Lab.

  • TidalFluxes.jl, a Julia package to study the transport of material in salt marshes. Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for numerical computing. This project welcomes Julia developers or the Julia-curious, or anyone interested in coding libraries for time-series analysis.
  • BosLab, a community DIY Bio lab. Built by its community, for its community BosLab provides a safe and inclusive lab space to anyone who wants to explore biotechnology. Anyone, from newcomers to experienced biohackers, is welcome at BosLab.
  • GIBBON (The Geometry and Image-Based Bioengineering add-On), an open-source MATLAB toolbox for image and geometry visualization and processing, interfaced with free open source software such as TetGen, for robust tetrahedral meshing, and FEBio for finite element analysis. It’s highly flexible image-based modelling environment and enables advanced inverse finite element analysis.
  • TagTeam, an open research tool developed by the Harvard Open Access Project at the Berkman Klein Center.

Also featuring:

Sunday Demos

Sunday Oct 29, 11:00 GMT (check your time here, instructions to join the call)

Featured projects:

Office Hours

The Open Leadership Zone will have a video connection open during office hours. You can stop by to chat with the project leads and mentors as they hold office hours in the Zone.

  • Saturday hours: 10:00–17:30 BST
  • Sunday hours: 11:00–17:30 GMT

A Note on Vidyo

You’ll need to install the software Vidyo to join the demo calls or office hours. You may want to take a few minutes before the call to make sure you can connect. By using Vidyo we’ll be able to chat and stream you in, as well.

Connection instructions: