Digital Legacy — What Did You (Accidentally) Leave Behind?

Understanding the concept of our own digital legacy can be a bit hard to wrap our heads around. Let’s face it, many of us like to live in the moment — and that’s not a bad thing. But what if you got a chance to travel into the future — what would you learn about yourself? If you’re interested and happen to be in London for MozFest, I hope you’ll stop in & catch my MozFest session in the YouthZone around Digital Legacy Planning!

We’ll kick this interactive session off by Walking the Line. Everyone will have a chance to Share Ideas, Reflect, and even Change Minds.

Walking the Line — we’ll use the line to Share your Ideas, Reflect and Change your Mind

What I can tell you for sure is that you will have fun, meet some new people, and share your ideas around your digital identity. We’ll create the space that allows you to hear new and different perspectives — I only ask that you allow yourself to listen, share, and embrace the challenge.

During the next part of the session, I hope you’ll join me on a journey into the future where you will get to experience waking up and walking through your most Perfect Future Day! While you’re experiencing this amazing day in the future, there is a really good chance you might just learn something new about yourself. I can’t wait to hear about it!

To close, you’ll have have the opportunity to think about your own internet health and start your own plan. After the session, you can submit evidence to receive the “MozFest 2017: Digital Planning Badge”. Don’t worry if you’ve never earned a digital badge before, we can help you out!

I feel very fortunate to be selected as a speaker in the YouthZone at the 2017 Mozilla Festival and am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and learning with you! So, if you’re around on Saturday around 11:15am, please stop in & say hi — I’ll be on Level 2!

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