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Mozilla has long been one of the strongest champions for openness in technology. But what does open innovation mean nowadays? As new technologies emerge, the battle over closed versus open systems continues to be one of the most important to a healthy information ecosystem — innovation, competition, privacy, security, consumer protection — and even civil rights.

Open Innovation at MozFest is a space for challenging and learning about open source, open projects and growth on the web. We’ll investigate the challenges to open production (misinformation, draconian copyright) and the values of open creativity (working open techniques, tools and tactical transparency). The space is programmed as a highly-interactive platform for producing and protecting the principles of the open web. Join us in evolving our epically-open online world.

We decided to interview some of facilitators of Open Innovation — we hope they will make you as excited about our space as we are!

Who are you? We are NeuroTechX, a world-wide community of programmers, scientists, and enthusiasts interested in developing and encouraging innovation in the field of neurotechnology.

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? An introduction to neurohacking

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? Drop by to see what’s up in the world of DIY neurotechnology. All of the projects on display are the work of the NeuroTechX community building open-source software and hardware that interacts directly with the brain! We’ll have low-cost brain-computer interfaces, neurofeedback apps, and brain-responsive productivity tools.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? There are several fields of technology in which the pace of innovation is incredibly quick and the potential impact on society is incredibly large. We believe that neurotechnology is one of those things. By developing in the open and giving others the tools to get on board we hope that we can prepare for the dramatic (and potentially wondrous) effects this technology will have.

Tweet: @NeuroTechX wants to show you how you can hack your own brain! Check out the latest neurotech at their booth in the Gallery


Who are you? Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, @iotwatch on Twitter, organiser of @iotlondon since 2011, designer, speaker, writing a book about smart homes.

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? #iotmark : a certification mark for #iot

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? We’ll share the work in progress of this European-based community project to develop a certification mark to help industry make better design decisions and consumers access more ethical brands.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? Sharing our project with the Mozfest community and finding out what Mozilla’s take on the project is.

Tweet: Join @iot__mark session to help consumers access more ethical #iot choices


Who are you? BE4ST is a program that provides STEM enrichment activities to teens with diverse educational needs. BE4ST is sponsored by CSU, NSBE, Ten80, and ISEIF. The students resides in Chicago. While most teens spend their weekends engaging in recreational activities, the BE4ST uses their time to prepare for the Ten80 Project, a STEM initiative competition that challenges students to use STEM skills to solve real world problems.

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? Defender of the Grid/Ten80 Experience

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? Attend our session and learn about smart grid through a video game presentation. Attend our session to learn how to program a radio control electrical car to travel an oval terrain.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? Our team has worked on the video game project and programming the autonomous car for two years. We enjoyed working on these project and we are excited to share our experiences with the world.


Who are you? We are Aurelia, Bastian, Egle and Sujai. We all met each other through Mozfest in the last years! Furthermore, we all love to travel and to discover new and nerdy places to visit and experience!

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? NewNerdcator

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? We started to work on Nerdcator at the Mozfest last year, creating a crowdsourced resource that lists fun and interesting places to visit around the globe. Especially “nerdy” things that wouldn’t be in traditional guide books. Think of the graves of famous scientists, weird museums, rock formations, you name it. This year we plan a data-collect-athon: Together with you we will chat about new exciting places to go to and put them on our collective map.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? We all love working collaboratively in the open. Not only is it due to Mozfest that we all came together, but our collective experience is that the greatest and most unexpected innovation can happen if one works out in the open. That’s why we can’t wait to see what the participants of our sessions will surprise us with this year!

Tweet: Help create a nerdy travel guide with NewNerdcator and @auremoser @seplute & @gedankenstuecke


Who are you?

I’m Yo Yehudi, an open source software engineer for InterMine ( at the University of Cambridge. I’m passionate about Open (Source | Science | Data | Access).

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? Science needs Open Source code — culture shift innovation workshop

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? Are you interested in helping make science more open and accessible to anyone? In this workshop we’ll be discussing the importance of Open Source code in science. Great for anyone who loves open source passionately, whether you’re a seasoned academic or just someone who’d like to learn a bit more about the role of code in science.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? Closed innovation is usually just good for lining the pockets of investors, but open innovation is special — sharing new things openly allows others to build upon it more effectively, creating a loop of doing good for one another.

Tweet: Too little scientific code is Open Source: how can we change this? Session by @yoyehudi


Who are you? Chris Hartgerink

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? Utopia session: Innovating on open scholarly content

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? Scholarly content is the foundation of modern society, but consuming it is difficult. We are a creative bunch at MozFest and I am sure we can come up with some cool, crazy ideas to show the potential of open content in the scholarly domain. This will be used for future development and to engage scholars to be more open.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? Innovation never occurs in a vacuum. Being open allows others to use more building blocks to build new things to solve our problems or to create things we hardly could imagine before. This excites me tremendously because there is not a week that goes by that I am not amazed with what someone came up with at some point.

Tweet: Innovative ideas for sifting through research? @chartgerink invites you to his #MozFest session


Who are you? Hi, I’m Mehul Patel and I specialize in Information Technology and Services. I’m passionate about what I do. I hold a Masters in Computers Science and have been working and contributing towards the open source community in all ways I can. I am a Developer Tech by profession, an open source enthusiast, Linux geeky and a maker by heart.

What’s the name of your session at MozFest? Let’s Play with Rust: A Friendly Introduction

Why should someone come along? What will they learn/make/do? My session is educational and encourages collaboration in terms of not only the content but the peer wise as well, and that brings together a diverse set of partners.
The Rust programming language will be important to the future of the web, making it safe and great. In this session, I will teach you how to use Rust to write fast and trustworthy code. P.S. There is no need of prior Rust knowledge as the session will be introductory and for beginners.

What makes you excited about Open Innovation? Open Innovation is a mixture of ideas and innovation and this what excites me a lot. This place is for creative minds who working open techniques, tools, and solutions with different ways. Here you can share my thoughts with educators, data experts who belong from the same platform. I am creative and expert in my area and always up for contributing to open web, with sharing all these things ultimately help me to enhance my leadership skills. These all factors excited me a lot.

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