MozFest is a Place to Make Things That Matter

Hear what four past attendees are saying about the festival

What’s on your schedule for Friday, Oct. 28 — Sunday, Oct. 30? It should be MozFest, Mozilla’s annual internet festival. MozFest is for everyone interested in the intersection of the web and education, advocacy, the arts, journalism, robotics, and more.

If the annual internet festival in London hasn’t made it onto your calendar yet, perhaps these past MozFest attendees can persuade you to register for a ticket:

There is something for everyone to do and learn at Mozfest. Mozfest allows you to pick up something completely new and dive in fully.” — Hera
MozFest is designed to be like the web: a place where you can make things that matter.” — Sam
My favourite part of Mozfest has always been the uniqueness and diversity of the people in the room.” — Amira
The web was built up by the people, for the people, and it was made to be open. So that’s what we need to to do: make the open web.” — Ethan

Don’t miss your chance to participate in MozFest 2016: Register for your ticket today.

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