MozFest is Coming! MozFest is Coming!

MozFest is Mozilla’s annual festival for a better, more open internet. It’s an awesome collaboration party for engineers, activists, artists, educators, young people, policy makers, journalists, librarians, and everyday people who love the internet — and you’re invited!

Join us this year on October 26–28, in London (if you’re local, you can get an early start on the Festival action at MozFest House, where we’ll be running events and workshops from October 22–26.)

At MozFest, roll up your sleeves and get your hands on the latest tech. Experience — and create — mind-blowing art. Learn from the world’s most successful activists, geek out on the newest in tech policy and politics, or pitch in on groundbreaking open source projects. At MozFest, there’s something for everyone… and everyone is welcome.

MozFest sells out early every year. Get your tickets now!

This year’s highlights include:

  • Hundreds of sessions you won’t find anywhere else, from the open-source discovery of deep space pulsars, to the creation of an online museum of Afrofuturism, to open investigation platforms for citizen journalism
  • Explorations of what happens when queer meets tech, featuring inspiring, weird, thought-provoking sessions, art, and interactions
  • A top-notch line-up of speakers — including misinformation researcher and Mozilla Fellow Renee DiResta, former FBI special agent Clinton Watts, and Julie Owono, director of Internet Sans Frontières.

Not a moment too soon

At MozFest 2018, we’re diving back into the issues that are central to the “health” of the internet. A healthy internet is flush with great, trustworthy content. It’s home to thriving communities and astounding innovation. It’s open and accessible to everyone, and every user has control over their personal data, and a say in how the internet is governed and how it evolves. To borrow a phrase, it’s an internet by the people, for the people.

And this year, MozFest couldn’t be more timely. Every one of our Internet Health issues — privacy and security, openness, decentralisation, web literacy, and digital inclusion — are at the center of this year’s swirl of current events: massive data breaches, the rise of online surveillance, manipulation of political processes via fake news, struggles to keep online communities welcoming and harassment free, and the consolidation of control by tech giants and social media juggernauts. At MozFest we’ll be problem-solving, taking a hard look at each of these issues and planning together for a year of positive, effective action — whether that means writing code, organizing campaigns, making art or developing open learning resources.

Join the Party, Join the Movement

MozFest is about tackling big issues and fighting the good fight. And there will be plenty of time to connect, create, and celebrate everything we love about the web, and all the amazing possibilities for its future — a future we can build together. Your ideas, your voice, your skills, your passions — they’re welcome here. Come join us! It won’t be the same without you.