Using Slack to Build Connections at MozFest

It’s that time of year again, with MozFest quickly approaching. Every year the festival brings us together to talk, learn, and connect over how we make the Internet healthier for all. It’s that feeling of connection that make it so special — communities of journalists, artists, technologists, policy leaders, and more all forming a rich network that celebrates the impact a healthy open Internet can have.

In that spirit of connection we’re trying something new this year, an experiment we hope enriches the experience for all festival participants. We’ve created a Slack team for all attendees and participants. If you haven’t seen your invitation yet you will soon.

At Mozilla we build communities, each pushing for a better Internet. Those communities can have massive impact on the health of the web. That impact is magnified when we bring them together as a network that’s bigger than any single community. At MozFest we see technologists alongside artists, policy experts and journalists, activists and academics. The potential of the Internet lies in all these people working together, so this experiment is aimed at bridging communities and building a strong network that can help drive the movement for Internet health.

A few people have asked why we’re using closed software when we champion an open web. It’s a valid question. The simple answer is that it’s good software. We use it in our everyday work, many others do too, and we’re trying something to make realtime community easily accessible to everyone who is a part of MozFest this year. That means bringing that community into spaces people already use. For many it will be as easy as adding a new team to the Slack client that’s already on their device. For anyone who doesn’t use Slack, it’s easy to install and set up. Everyone can participate regardless of technical background.

Slack makes it easy for us to make connecting people easy.

We hope this gives people a space to share ideas before, after, and during the festival. The energy of those few days is unlike anything else. Hopefully this can help sustain that energy even after MozFest’s closing party.

See you in London!

A discussion at MozFest 2016