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What is MozFest?

Fantastic Mr Firefox engaging with fans at MozFest

For those who care about a free and open internet, MozFest is the place to be.

Every autumn for the last six years, the global community working for a free and open internet has converged to create, make and design strategies and tools to support and protect our essential internet freedoms.

The Festival has grown to become one of the most prestigious events on the internet calendar, so much so that around 1,700 people attend from more than 50 countries every year. MozFest focuses on five key themes that are crucial to the free and open internet.

Online Privacy & Security looks at how we can understand and control how our data is used and collected. How can we take stronger ownership of our digital identities?

Open Innovation is about ensuring that the open ethos remains at the heart of the internet. Open source and open standards mean that anyone can create and innovate for the internet without permission.

Decentralisation means that the devices and platforms we use can work with each other because they are based on the same standards. This allows information and content to flow smoothly and gives us all a better internet experience.

Web Literacy refers to the skills people need to take part in the digital world. These skills empower people to create, shape and defend the web.

Digital Inclusion is all about making sure that anyone can take part in the digital world. Too many people remain excluded from the free and open internet. This is wrong and we want to fix that.

For Mozilla, the organisation behind the festival, it is a great chance to listen to the open web community. This informs their design of future products and campaigns and ensures that their work meets the need of this global community.

The festival is also a great place for people interested in the open web to come together and create their own tools, strategies and networks. These networks are really what gives the movement its power. It’s not about any one individual or organisation, but about the magic that happens when you bring many together with one goal.

MozFest is just a checkpoint in an ongoing flow of creation and imagination that never ends. Be sure to follow MozFest on Twitter and check back throughout the year for the latest developments, projects and ideas that the network continues to develop.



MozFest is an annual, hands-on festival for and by the open Internet movement. Every year, bright minds from around the world build, debate, and explore the future of our lives online. In this publication, we invite everyone to share their thoughts and start conversations.

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