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tour de force!!! Got my first Vouch — Proud Mozillian

Few months ago, while I was surfing LinkedIn and reading some technical posts, I saw some students like me, posting their achievements and contributions towards their communities. Being a newbie in the field of technology I didn’t even know where to start with. I was puzzled finding my interest. In this confusing situation I have got two genuine connections who helped me a lot and gave me a chance to contribute towards community. Those helpful folks are 1. Smile Gupta, 2. Siv Ram Sastri. Thank you for your support!

Gradually, things started to clear about technology. Meanwhile I heard the about Mozilla Punjab (at that time I was just familiar with “Mozilla”. Frankly, wasn’t aware about its policies and missions) who generally helps newbies to get start with Open Source contributions. When I have gone through with all the missions and policies regarding privacy and security concerns of common public from that day I’ve decided to contribute by any means to this diverse community (being a Cyber Security enthusiast it attracts me a lot). I’m sure this article will be a lengthy one as I’ll try to portray my contributions step by step towards Mozilla which helped me achieve my First Vouch.

This the was first event where I’ve learnt how to contribute to the open source community. Specially, we used GitHub as the contribution medium for various open source medium. From a newbie to an organizer, the journey was quite stimulative and inspirational. On the event day there were more than 120 participants (mostly they were newbies) who learnt how to contribute to Open Source projects made their first Pull Request on GitHub. That day I felt the joy of sharing knowledge.

Moreover, in this event I found a passive Graphics Designer in me.

Glimpses of Hacktoberfest 2k19

With no prior experience we successfully organized AutumnHacks (Hackathon) at Lovely Professional University. It was my first grand event which I’ve organized. Mozilla Punjab gave me the platform to explore my potential, my creativity and other skills in me. We had started to prepare for this grand Hackathon two months proir. In those two months I got to know myself better while performing various tasks.

Talking about the participants, we got a huge response from various engineering colleges all around Punjab. Honestly, these responses gave us extra motivation to make it huge and successful.

This event was 36+ hrs long. Participants (divided in teams) were building super impressive projects. Interactions with them was full of knowledge about new technologies. That day I was so excited and amused by those creative and talented participants that I never found tiredness in me instead I was feeling super active that time.

Not only did I learn, but also got new connections with highly talented people (Who were invited as Judges). After interacting with them it turned out to be a friendly chit-chat. They are so humble and down to earth.

1. Jasjit Chopra — Microsoft Azure MVP | Cloud Solutions Architect | CEO of Penthara Technologies

2.Gaurav Madaan — Tech Lead | Principal Consultant Software Development at TECHNOSSUS | Cloud Developer | Public Speaker & Teacher

Also, I’ve connected with some more active, helpful, dedicated and similar minded teammates. It was a turning point in my life. They really cheered me to gain more knowledge and every time when I talk to them, I learn new things. These folks absolutely rock!

1. Vishal : GitHub campus Expert, Mozilla Punjab Lead, Mozilla Rep.

2. Arshdeep: Core Member Mozilla Punjab

3. Jasmine: Core Member Mozilla Punjab

4. Sanjana: Core Member Mozilla Punjab

Thank you very much buddies for your continuous unconditional support.

I believe this kind of Hackathon should be organized every year.

Few Moments of the Grand Hackathon

This is another contribution towards Mozilla. Here just we have to translate from English to Native languages of any ongoing projects. Being a Bengali, I have also started to contribute to it in Bangla language. Localizing is always a fun kind of activity to me. Really, I enjoy it a lot.

I would like to thank Vishal for telling me about this contribution.

This was one of my recent contribution towards Mozilla Privacy Month (Every Year globally organized by Mozilla in January). In this campaign we share tips regarding Privacy and Security on Internet to advocate common people. I was in the team where I helped localize those tips into Bangla.

Today’s world Internet is the second most essential part after breathing. Without internet we can not even imagine our survival. In this scenario digital identity is the treasure: everyone should be concerned about it. I must say Mozilla is doing well with this campaign and moreover I’m proud to be a part of it.

Here, also I’ve connected with some super cool Mozilla Rep. Vishal Chavan and Chandan Kumar Baba who supported and helped me a lot to learn new things.

This is also one of the recently organized events where the Mozilla Rep. Tanzeel Khan, Psychologist Anupama Viswakarma talked about Internet health as well as Mental health, how it affects our daily life and how to deal with it.

It was one the rarely learning opportunity to learn. It was an interactive session, where participants got a chance to ask their queries to the highly capable speakers: it was rich and informative as well.

Few moments of Internet Health Day

This a campaign initiated by Free Software Community in India. Where code of any software should be public under any public licences. So that anyone can contribute towards the betterment of these software used by Government. There will be transparency and privacy of public data.

Here, I’m working with two very helpful, inspiring and supportive Mozilla Rep. Ranjith Raj and Praveen Gorla.

Work is in progress!

Meanwhile, today in the evening while I was enjoying my snacks right then I got a mail from Mozillian account stating “You’ve been vouched!”. It is the moment when I’ve felt: “Yes, I’ve done something in this mixed bag of community. But a lot more to contribute.”

More shockingly this Vouch is from one of my active, enthusiast, helpful and truly inspiring teammate: Arshdeep Singh. Thank you very much for your words. It boosts me more! I’ll do my best for this community.

Next Target: After these many learnings, I want to push myself towards Designing and Security/ Privacy contributions.

At last but not least thanks to you all of my team members who have given me a chance to prove myself. It won’t be possible without your help.

Specially Thank you to Mozilla for providing us the platform to grow ourselves.

A lot more interesting learning coming next! Stay tuned…




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