‘A Dangerous Game’: Conversations About Copyright

Learn how backward copyright reform in the EU would undermine the open internet — and what you can do about it

Later this year, EU lawmakers will vote on a dangerous proposal to change copyright law. The outcome could sabotage freedom and openness online.

What would this mean for journalists? Artists? Educators?

What would this mean for you?

Recently, Mozilla’s Senior EU Policy Manager, Raegan MacDonald, spoke with IPPro about just this.

“ The proposals, if signed into law, would impact all EU citizens who use the internet,” MacDonald told reporter Barney Dixon. “ It would become far more difficult to create and share original content, and more difficult to find it, as well.”

“The free flow of information online that we’ve come to depend on — on Github, on Wikipedia, and more — would be chilled,” MacDonald continues.

Read the full interview here, and get involved by visiting https://changecopyright.org.

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