How Connected Are You? Take Mozilla’s Survey

We’re asking internet users to share what they’re most excited — and worried — about in a connected future

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Let’s do some math. By the year 2020, there could be 30 billion internet connected devices operating in the world, according to experts at the likes of IEEE and Juniper research. If there are 7.5 billion people and 30 billion connected devices…

That averages out to four devices for every person on the planet. That’s a lot of laptops, routers and smart toasters.

Is being that connected a good thing? Will life be better? How do you feel about this?

As part of Mozilla’s work keeping the internet safe, secure and healthy, we’re asking you to share your thoughts. Your input helps Mozilla to run advocacy campaigns, to create web literacy curriculum and more.

HOW CONNECTED ARE YOU? Take Mozilla’s survey and tell us.

You’ll answer questions like: “What are you most excited about as we move toward a more digitally connected future?”

And: “What is your biggest fear as we move toward a more connected future?”

The survey only takes three minutes. And it’s pretty fun.

We’ll share the results in a few weeks. Your responses will help us understand how we can work together to create a safer connected future for us all.

See the results from Mozilla’s privacy survey earlier this year.

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