Safety Tips for Your Online Life

Mozilla’s new video series helps you thwart hackers and encrypt your communications

Here’s some sage advice: Put safety first.

To be more specific: Buckle up. Or, don’t play with matches.

There’s no shortage of guidance for safe driving and averting forest fires. But what about online? What steps can you take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from ransomware, phishing attempts and hackers?

Mozilla’s put together a list of helpful videos for staying safe in the 21st century. We’re here to help you encrypt your messages, use a password manager and secure your router.

To get started, head to, or watch our videos below. You’ll learn tips and tricks, hear online security horror stories and learn best practices from the experts.

I’ve Been Hacked: Why you need a password manager, now

Update Available: How not to be a ransomware victim

Encrypt the cybers: Protect what’s private with encryption

Trouble Connecting? The true cost of free public W-Fi

How Safe Is Your Smart Home? Time to lock your digital doors

Double the Defense: Multifactor authentication. Big words, big help

Learn more at

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