Understanding critical issues and barriers in FOSS for non-English speakers

Mozilla volunteer Dyvik Chenna (not in photo) interviews in Telugu language with note-taker Deepak Upendra, taken with permission of those being interviewed. (Photo by Dyvik Chenna,CC BY-SA 4.0)

Liza Durón, Interviews in Spanish

Liza is a Full Stack Marketer and Ethnographer from Mexico who volunteers here time at Mozilla in many areas, including as Club Captain for Mexico’s Mozilla Club.

Kristi, Interviews in Albanian

Kristi is chairwoman of Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana, Albania, a Mozilla Tech Speaker and current Outreachy Intern at Mozilla.

Bhagyashree Padalkar, Speaks Marathi, Interviews in Hindi

Bhagyashree is a Data Scientist, actively involved with the Fedora Operations and Diversity Team and Outreachy Intern at Mozilla. She is working on both data analysis and first-language interviews with our D&I team.

Mozilla Open Innovation

Prototyping the future together

Emma Irwin

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Open Innovation Team, Open Project & Communities Specialist @Mozilla , Prev Participation Architect @Benetech Engineer in #FOSS #OpenEd Mom above all else

Mozilla Open Innovation

Prototyping the future together