WebVR Experience Challenge, Winners Announced!

Lindsay Saunders
Mozilla Open Innovation
3 min readApr 30, 2018


Mozilla seeks to continually grow a robust community around A-Frame and WebVR and to support developers who build content for this ecosystem. This is why we partnered with Sketchfab to create hundreds of medieval fantasy assets for the WebVR community to use. Today we are proudly announcing the Winners of the WebVR Experience Challenge!

Building on the rich pool of assets from our Real Time Design Challenge we received many entries that used the glTF models and A-frame and turned them into really fun games and experiences! Each of the creators really put their own personal take on these assets. The entries of this contest allow us to see what VR can do in the Web, and that it is ready for an open community to experiment and innovate with it.

We would like to thank our Judges who spent their time thoroughly reviewing each entry, Ada Rose Cannon, Developer Advocate for the Samsung Internet VR browser, Joshua Marinacci,

Senior Developer Evangelist at Mozilla, working on Mixed Reality and Fernando Serrano García, Engineering Manager at the Mozilla Mixed Reality team.

Without further ado,

1st place goes to Jorge Fuentes for Puppetrilla!

  • Ada Rose Cannon — “This looked amazing, very polished. Good use of sound!! Love that it has sound effects, the puppets are really fun to use!!”
  • Fernando Serrano García — “I love its aesthetics and the idea of using puppets is so original! A really nice starting point for a multi-user experience where you could see how others create and share stories with the puppets.”

Stunning work Jorge! We’re sending you the complete VR Set — including a VR-Ready Laptop and an Oculus Rift.

2nd place goes to Andrew Fraticelli for Witches Brew.

  • Fernando Serrano García — “Super cool, the interaction with the potions and the liquid is really nice.”
  • Joshua Marinacci — “The interaction is wonderful. The potion pouring effect is perfectly done.”

Congratulations Andrew! You won a Pixel Phone and Daydream View and the Lenovo — Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges.

3rd place goes to Danilo Pasquariello for Epic Medieval Battle.

  • Joshua Marinacci — “As a game it’s silly, but it’s just so fun. Very nice work redoing the animations on the characters to take them to a different direction.”
  • Fernando Serrano García — “Really nice to be a medieval DJ, the animations are really cool. I miss being able to be a dancer too. :)”

Nice work Danilo! Have fun with your new Pixel Phone and Daydream View.

There are also 4 honorable mentions who will also be receiving a prize for their great work.

Good job to the honorable mentions! The Lenovo — Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges are on their way to you.

*Though this challenge was initially focused on A-Frame and WebVR development, two of the entries used our Unity WebVR Exporter and were just too good not to give an honorable mention.

We know creating VR content is hard and WebVR can be even more challenging. That’s why we wanted to create this contest to encourage people to give it a try so we could get feedback on how to improve the existing workflow, tools and frameworks and on the other side to have a nice set of experiences that people could enjoy and developer could learn from. We could not be happier with the results of this challenge and look forward to hearing what the players think about these games!

Check out Mozilla’s Mixed Reality blog, connect with us through the WebVR slack and keep up to date with Virtual Reality for the Open Web!