5 Years of Mozilla Community Space Taipei - A Brief Status

May 2014 - 2019

(This is the updated version to this report from 2017)
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Mozilla Community Space Taipei ”摩茲工寮” is an event / meeting / co-working space and shelter to the local Mozillians, Mozilla volunteers, and OSS communities.

It is the first of this kinds of Mozilla space run by community (and another one is Jakarta Space). These spaces are leading by Mozilla Open Innovation Team, managing by local MozTW Mozillian volunteers.

Here I will share some brief status of the Taipei Space.

(I’ll use “MozTW Space” or “Space” as the abbreviation to “Mozilla Community Space Taipei” below.)

MozTW Community

Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW) is a local Mozilla volunteer community. We are contributing localizing, promoting Firefox, Mozilla, and open cultures to Mozilla and open source projects since 2004.

MozTW maintained an online product portal and forum, hosting many offline events and engaging with other Asia Mozillians and open source hackers.

History of MozTW Community Space

The Community Space was an idea initially raised by William Quiviger in 2013, and sponsored by WPR team. We started the first experimental space in Taipei spring 2014.

After April 2016, the space project had transitioned to Participation Team, supported by Brian King. In February 2017, it was continuous with Open Innovation Group with the help of George Roter and Konstantina until now.


MozTW Space is co-managing by “Keyholders,” 18 local Mozilla volunteers.

Keyholders are all vouched Mozillians and have the same privilege. People need to be countersigned by more than 50% of Mozillian visitors (in the last three months) when they applied for the position.

The threshold represents the community’s support to the applicant.

Visitors & Events

Everyone is welcome to visiting MozTW space when there is any Keyholder inside. However, it’s not opening 24 hours / 7 days a week due to the volunteers’ ability. In the last five years, we managed to open the space 22 days per month on average. (Part of the weeknight and most day time of weekend)

Besides Mozilla events, we also welcome and support all open culture communities to hosting their activities in the MozTW Space. Totally there are more than 16000 visitors and 1256 events/meetups since soft-opening of May 2014.

The communities that hosted the events at space came from a very diverse domain, includes open source projects, programming, AI, blockchain, policy advocacy, civil society hackers, CS education, open culture, open data, D&I, infused, makers & designers.

Some of the closest cooperate communities including Rust Taiwan, G0V, OSM, Wikimedia Taiwan, Creative Commons Taiwan, Ubuntu TW, Open Culture Foundation, SITCON (Students Information Technology Conference) and COSCUP (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users & Promoters).

One of the primary goals is to introduce Mozilla and our value to new friends. In last year (June 2018-May 2019), more than 780 new visitors had learned about Mozilla on their first visit to space (out of 3500 visitors in 356 events).

We introduce Mozilla, Manifesto, different projects, topics around internet health and policy, and new technologies we’re building to them.

Social Engagement

On social engagement, we had received 3850 Check-ins and 1600 Likes on Facebook and Foursquare. And in fact, we didn’t “ask” people to do it. These social channels had become a good way for us in promoting openness.

And we invite some best-known Mozillian visitors around the open source world — including Mark Surman, Brian King, Larissa Shapiro, William Quiviger, Dietrich Ayala, Max Ogden, Fa-ti Fan and many more.

MozTW Lab

One of the scheduled events of all time is “MozTW Lab,” Mozillian weekly meetup on each Friday night. Volunteers get together to socialize, work, and give lightning talks on various topics including Mozilla’s latest update.

This meetup had been running for ten years, and there are 250 lightning talk sessions recorded/live through Vidyo/YouTube from Space since 2014.


Here are some photo highlights of the space, you can find more on Flickr.


Looking forward to your visit!

We’re Moving — Looking for Next good place

Due to the end of the leasing contract and the substitution of the landlord, the MozTW Space is going to move before mid-July, and we’re looking for the next good venue.

找房條件 Criteria

  • 40 坪:一半聚會空間,一半開放文化基金會辦公室
    130 sqm, half for meeting space, half Open Culture Foundation office
  • 忠孝新生、光華商場周遭最佳(交通方便、使用率高較划算,如果其他地方有理想單位也可考慮)
    Best near Gunghwa electronic market, BL14/O7 Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station
  • 地上樓層,有自然採光 Upper-ground level with natural lights
  • 預算 ~ 43210 /月 Monthly rent budget ~ USD 1350

敬請協助提供物件資訊、或相關合作資料。Please help provides info about suitable venues or potential collaboration chances.

租屋共筆 collaboration doc

Notes - About Open Culture Foundation (OCF)

Open Culture Foundation (OCF) is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 2014 by several members of Taiwan’s open source community. Its main goal is to support local communities and to advocate the use of open technologies in broader sectors.

We currently co-rent and sharing the current 2-floor community space venue.

開放文化基金會由多個台灣開源社群共同發起,期望以法人組織的力量推廣開放文化。目前基金會辦公室與 MozTW 共同承租目前的兩層空間。

專案與年報 — https://ocf.tw/p/
Annual Reports — https://ocf.tw/en/