Event albums of MozTW in 2019

List of all events we participated this year from Jan to Nov

Irvin Chen
Dec 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Not including regular events/meetups in Mozilla Community Space Taipei (MozTW.Space)

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March 23~24: Booth @ SITCON 2019 學生計算機年會 (Students' Information Technology Conference)

May 11: Men in Skirts campaign by g0v contributors 聲援板橋高中男裙週

June 14~15: Booth & Session at HKOSCon 2019 (Hong Kong Open Source Conference) 香港開源年會

August 17~18: Booth & Session @ COSCUP 2019 (Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters) 開源人年會

August 28~29: Rust / Mozilla Booth @ ModernWeb 2019

September 27: MozTW Lab with Stan Leong & Taipei staff

October 25: #Pridezilla @ Taiwan Transgender Parade 2019 跨性別遊行

October 26: #Pridezilla @ Taipei Pride Parade 2019 同志大遊行

October 27: Mozilla & Hotline — Workplace Equality Policy Talk with Tara Robertson 職場平權政策經驗分享

November 21~22: Common Voice booth @ LPSS conference (Linguistic Patterns in Spontaneous Speech)

November 23: COSCUP track @ OSC Tokyo 2019 (Fall)

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