Run for Mozilla Rep Council - Again

I’m telling you why

Hi Mozillians,

I’m Irvin. Last April, I had [shared my idea about how Mozilla Rep program can become](, when I ran for the council election, and been selected as one of the Council member with your support.

After one year’s Council member period, I would like to conclude what had I done, and re-check what I was think in this article.

In my last year’s Council period, I had…

  1. Try clarify the documents that what did Rep program had provide to mentors (failed however),
  2. Follow up with Rep who had no effected NDA status or Mozillian profile (which I had talk to 55 reps, update 37 of them back to program),
  3. Check with inactive rep, re-active or graduate them to Alumni (30 out of 54 Rep had graduated, I had also build a certificate auto-generating tools and SOP to faster the procedure)

What I’m currently doing…

  1. Check with in-active reps who has no filed any report longer than 12 months (this should be a seasonal procedure. I’m still working on a SOP to faster and regular it’s work)
  2. Running “Mozillian of Month” recognize experiment, that I hope that will help more volunteer to be visible (whether they are Rep or not)

You can follow the progress of all those things I had work on GitHub —

In my last year’s article, I said

We can fix the problem, by making Rep not only Representative of Mozilla, but also the representative of Mozillians.

And I think

We can become the bridge between the volunteers and paid-staff. We can help volunteers to be heard and understood.

I know we are not there yet, but I also feel that we did had some progress with the evolve of Mission Driven Mozillian strategy, and Mozillian of the Month experiment.

I had not done yet. I believe I can push a bit further forward. But now,

I need your support, to help me continue my work.

Please vote for me again in the next Rep Council elections, start from April 8 to April 15.


…I can post far more on Discourse if you allowed me to.