Virtual community meetup at the Mozilla Hubs

It’s may be a good time to run your first virtual gathering

Irvin Chen
Mar 15, 2020 · 2 min read
It seems that @ettoolong duplicate a website during our group photo

We host a virtual version of community meetup at Mozilla Hubs last Friday night. It turned out to be a funny alternative to the meetup host in the physical space.

(BobChao: Come to the hub to play around at 9pm if you are interesting. Online community space, a good alternative during the disease???)

Po-chiang Chao suggested that we try hubs during the regular weekly meetup time, and shared the link on Telegram earlier. We connected to the room during our event at Taipei Community Space, and some community members joined from their homes.

oops, there are some Tofus on the HTML slide deck

We all gather at the “Hubs Commons” room. People play with all the features, summit items, move things around, share webcams and screens, open YouTube, and add the browser window to the AirMozilla website (and not knowing how to surf with it).

With a small monitor in front, I’m in the full confidence of the current slide. Now I just don’t know how to flip to the next page.

One of the main goals for us is to evaluate if we can use Hubs for online meetups, give remote talks, and perhaps hosting virtual conferences.

It turned out to be feasible — if people can prepare some time to get familiar with the control, find a suitable scene, and with lovely audiences who don’t summon a yellow duck during your talk.

One of the suggestions raised by the community member is quite interesting — we should provide a “beginning stage” for people to learn the basics of hubs. How to walk, turn around, add/remove & interact with the objects, share camera and screen, open and control the website, sit down, and the hardest one, stand-up after you sit (I still don’t find the way).

It’s a good time to try it with your community. Let’s stay home and going together to the Mozilla Hubs for some fun.


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