Introducing Shardus

The first linearly-scalable, truly decentralized, sharded ledger.

The Unblocked Ledger Coin Project has been developing both a distributed ledger technology and a payment network application that uses this technology since 2015. It’s similar to how blockchain is the underlying technology that makes the Bitcoin payment network possible. Combining the technology and the application under the Unblocked Ledger Coin name appears to have caused some confusion. To better differentiate the technology from the application, we will be renaming the project.

The new name for our project will be Shardus, a name that emphases the sharding aspect of our technology. The new name of the payment network built with this technology will be Liberdus. The word Liberdus is a combination of the words Libertas and Solidus, names of coins used in the Roman and Byzantine periods.

While the name is changing, our effort remains the same: Shardus is building a protocol that incorporates sharding and auto-scaling to provide high throughput, low latency, and immediate finality while maintaining the highest level of decentralization and security.

The first application of Shardus technology will be Liberdus, a coin and payment network designed to address the problems of traditional blockchains — namely scalability, decentralization, security and long-term sustainability. Thanks to Shardus technology, Liberdus will be able to accomodate billions of active users and can be applied to many future global-scale decentralized applications.

The Unblocked Ledger Token (ULT) which is distributed by the project for code development and bounties will eventually be renamed the Shardus Token (ST). However, since this requires deploying a new contract to change the token name and symbol, it will take some time to setup and execute. We will send an announcement when this is ready.

We thank everyone for their support and hope that you will continue to follow our efforts through the new Shardus channels.

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