High profile companies aren’t the best to work for

It’s pretty much a badge of honor to say you work for a high profile company, or have so in the past. It’s been engrained into our culture, and, apparently makes up a large part of who we are and what we’ve accomplished.

For me, I’ve hated the notion. As a kid (and even today), I’ve been on computers a lot. I’ve also heard, “You should get a job at Google” more times than I can remember. Whether from family members or friends, it hurts every time I hear it.

Google is great in all, but there are a lot of other companies that would be just as amazing to work at.

You know what else they might have? More interest in what their employees have to say.

Running a company the size of Google is no small feat. Any company that has over a few hundred employees can probably tell you how hard it is to get feedback from their employees. Hell, even in small companies it can be hard. One semi-bad suggestion and a manager could think of you differently for the rest of your or their employment.

A lot of companies try to get a grip on this, but it’s not easy. Emails, word document questionnaires, surveys, they’re all broken. Predefined questions for every employee, are you kidding?

At mplyees.com we are trying to fix this. We’re making the platform for employees to voice suggestions to their fellow coworkers, managers and CEOs.