How Uber can fix their company culture

It will be a long and hard road, but this is how Uber can fix its company culture.

Hire an untied EXTERNAL company to investigate the sexism

Currently, Uber has hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to start the investigation with the help of board member Arianna Huffington. Eric Holder’s firm is Covington & Burling, which has come to the defense of Uber in the past. This will make it hard for anyone to believe the results of the investigation when it’s complete. Uber needs to contract an independent company to investigate and report their findings. Uber has two early investors (Mitch and Freada Kapor) that would be the perfect team to lead the investigation. Mitch and Freada Kapor are partners at Kapor Capital and the Kapor Center for Social Impact. They are known for efforts to diversify the technology workforce through activism and investments. They have already spoken out about Uber’s choice to pick a firm with previous ties. Doing this will help the public possibly have a little faith in them again.

Have the new external firm publish their findings publicly

Many of us have seen this before. The people who are handling the investigation are deemed trustworthy and the results of the investigation are funneled back through the company who was investigated. This gives them the final ability to filter any information they don’t like.

Drop the lawsuit against Susan Fowler

Starting a lawsuit behind the scenes is just adding gas to the fire. People already don’t believe you, just drop the case.

A YouTube video apologizing to Susan Fowler

Apologizing to your company is a good first step, but you’re missing who you really need to apologize to, Susan Fowler. Don’t hide behind text or a PR, send a genuine apology via YouTube. This would show your true character.

Hire someone to manage the company culture and diversity full time

Hiring someone to be in charge of Uber’s company culture and diversity full time shows real commitment for change. Turning around company culture is a very long road that needs someone in charge.

Post diversity numbers and incident reports publicly every month for a long time

Many tech companies including Google and Twitter have already acknowledged their diversity problems and where they rate compared to other companies. They are now publicly posting their diversity numbers so they can continue to work on improving culture in their workplaces.

Uber has a chance to do the right things here, and so far have chosen to save face and hope the majority of it blows over. It probably will for the most part, but the employees and people using the product will always know the truth, and Uber will die a slow death.

Uber employees, or any employees that would like to speak up publicly and anonymously should use to have their voices heard.