A Few Things People Being Born in 1998 or Late 1997 Dealt With

The sun rises as to reveal many sleepy towns and cities. Each person wakes up to a new day, some with expectations, some without. Unable to predict the future, we live each day as it is. It can be said that everyday is very lively, or at least eventful because there are many things happening around the world, although, it may not directly apply to us.

Being born in 1998 means that we are one of the last ones to be born in the year starting with a ‘19’ and we are still under 20 years old. We can reflect and see that many events have occurred throughout our lifetime and quite a few of them can be considered a turning point.

  1. 2012

Many of you may remember the times when people were panicking about 2012 being the year where the world ends. There were also those who were calmer and those who tried to prove that 2012 would not happen by posting pictures that reveal processed food that would expire the next year. As middle school students that were born in 1998 or late 1997, some of us have done this ourselves as well. This was also the year we were suppose to graduate and if the world really did end before middle school graduation, then we would have ended up dying without fully completing middle school.

2. 7 Periods Required for Burton High School Students

After hearing about the possibilities of being able to not have a first-period class, the juniors in Burton High School for the 2014 to 2015 academic year got really excited for their senior year. To their disappointment in the fall, these students had their hopes and dreams crushed when it was mandatory for all students to have a full schedule like their previous high school years. For the students who have a TA period, they can somewhat consider it as a break, but they are still stuck in school. If they were able to have the first period off like the previous class, then they would be spending that extra 50 minutes doing other activities outside of school, such as sleeping in, getting coffee, or hanging out with friends before the starting their long day at school.

3. SAT changes

The SAT expectations were lowered right after the class of 2016 had finished taking the old SAT for their college admissions. Many stressed over their scores and panicked about how it would affect their college acceptances. As much as the efforts of teachers and counselors were appreciated for trying to calm them down, the changes sparked many different reactions after it was announced. Although the sudden change does not affect the class of 2016 directly, it still brought many complaints because we were the last to take the “old” version of the SAT without choice.

4. College Admission Bias Towards the Wealthy?

There are a few articles that have been posted up online by the Washington Post, SFGate, and the Atlantic regarding college admissions for the class of 2016 and perhaps, beyond. Similarly, they have all reported that a student’s financial status actually affects their college admissions. They claimed that the college admissions offices have begun to favor the wealthy, or those who could afford to pay for the full tuition for college without relying on financial aid. This caused many students to stress out as they reveal more and more rejection letters without knowing why. There are many students who qualify and are even well-qualified for many of the college campuses they applied for, but the admissions offices are just not looking at their potential as well anymore. Some students got into the school of their dreams, while others do not. It is depressing to hear this news for the first time, especially when the class of 2016 did not expect this.

Whether or not being born in 1998 or late 1997 is blessed, is completely up to you to decide!