Are Scholarships Worth It?

After college applications are over, there are many who think that there are no more deadlines to worry about. However, there should be worries. Many high school students these days come from a low-income or middle class background and even that is not enough to pay for a full college tuition, especially for private schools or universities that are out of state. Although scholarships and grants are out there for students, are they actually taking the opportunity to apply to them? After struggling through college applications and 3 years of high school, a student’s stamina is running out. Students who had to balance AP classes and extracurricular activities during the application process are sure to have less motivation to apply for scholarships that do not even guarantee acceptance.

It is now the spring semester of school and classes are back in action. How many students are working on scholarships? With AP classes taking a huge toll on their lives, will they make it by the deadline? Something has to be given up in order to complete these applications and there can only be hope for those that apply. But what happens when the acceptance and rejection e-mails come in and the student does not receive any of the scholarships they applied to? Will the student be able to attend the college of their choice without being in debt to paying back college fees from borrowing money?