ASMR? The new type of relaxation..

ASMR which also means Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or to be simplified, it is the sensation you feel from seeing or hearing certain things.

Have you ever let someone play with your hair and suddenly you feel this satisfying sensation that you cannot really explain? Well this is exactly what ASMR is.

As many people say, mediation is something that really helps to calm one down and creates a space where one is able to completely relax and a way to do it is to recite a mantra. ASMR on the other hand is more of an interactive type of…relaxation, as one can say. ASMR can be presented in many different ways and in many ways where some may also make others feel uncomfortable listening to.

Although many feel that this works and triggers their mind and puts them at a state of calmness, it does not necessarily work for everyone. In fact, some may also find the different techniques to be annoying.

Types of ASMR:

-Whispering: In fact, this is the most popular and common type of ASMR trigger

-Scratching and Tapping

-Blowing: (This is not what you think it is !!) This is in-fact a most widely appreciated kind of ASMR

-Personal Attention: Triggers can encompass in many different ways through role plays like haircuts, facials. doctors examinations, etc.

Benefits to ASMR:

  • Reduced levels of stress
  • helps people who suffer from insomnia
  • helps those who regularly have difficulty falling asleep
  • helps those who experience anxiety frequently

**Here are some videos if you want to give ASMR a try!!