Bay Bridge Blockers

Protester chained to a car. Photo by: Joel Angel Jurez

25 protesters were arrested this Monday on three different charges: public nuisance, unlawful assembly, and obstructing free passage. The protesters blocked off all five westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge with their parked cars chained together. The purpose of this demonstration was to bring awareness to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. While this protest had the intentions of supporting a good cause, many are frustrated with the way it was put into action. The blockage of the Bay Bridge caused a major traffic jam which was actually counterproductive to the protester's cause. The traffic jam annoyed commuters into wanting to go against their cause, no matter what it was. Some people could have been on the way to something very important, or they were possibly even in a position that was life threatening. In situations like these, the discussion of whether or not the task at hand could have been executed in a more productive way is brought up. So I ask readers of this publication to think about how you would feel if you were put into this situation.