Coates- Opening World

An experience that I had that made me open my eyes up to the new world is when my grandfather passed away December of last year. The day after Christmas. It was a sad day for me. The reason why I chose this moment as to when I opened my eyes up to the new world is because at that moment I realized that I should’ve cherished many moments with him. For that you may never know when their time comes. We made so many plans for him to come to my graduation and watch me walk that stage, but now he’s gone. It opened up my eyes to the new world and made me realize not only that you should cherish every moment with the ones you love, but also that you may never know what the future may bring. This encounter made me grow in so many ways. Physically as in spending time with my family more often when I get off from school. I would go and sit down with my family and just chat with them and crack jokes. Mentally, as in thinking of ways for me and my family to spend more time together. Like plan out days that we can go out and eat or do some shopping.

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