Coates — Opening Worlds

A transformative experience I had that “opened me to a new world” would be when I visited my family in Asia in sophomore year.

Prior to this trip, I had only visited once, and that was in the first or second grade, so I could barely recall the details. I had this perspective that my hometown was still a run down, partially rural place, in the middle of its industrial revolution and modernization. However, the truth was somewhere in the middle. The city that I grew up in was fast evolving, with most parts of it long modernized. The shopping centers were huge and resembled the ones here. The run down part of town that had existed when I was growing up and that had still existed when I had visited in the second or third grade was gone, freshly replaced with apartment complexes and newly paved streets. Projects were being organized in order to completely modernize the city, and get rid of the rest of the outdated parts of town.

The experience of visiting and seeing with my own eyes the opposite of what I had been expecting opened me to a new world, figuratively and literally. I grew as a result of the trip, exploring the new city and learning about its modernization.

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