Coming to a Close

May 1st was the last day to decide on a college. This year’s acceptances brought a lot of disappointment and made many students upset, which made it even harder for students to decide what they want to do in the future. Despite where each student ends up, we should also keep in mind that our class of 2016 is coming to an end.

Graduation is around the corner. There are many deadlines that each senior has to meet, which can be extremely overwhelming when AP testing and finals are coming up. Knowing that senioritis already hit many of us, we should not let that bring us down. Everyone has spent so much time in school to graduate high school and start on their futures. If you fail a class by not turning in assignments now, then you are just throwing away everything you spent years building up. Tests still matter, but despite your score, it should not tell you what you can do and what you cannot do. The same thing applies to college. Although it was unfair for many students who did not get into a college of their choice although they are more than qualified, having the ability to choose between a few colleges already says that you have great potential.

The summer between high school and college gives you the most freedom. You are not bounded by summer homework and you will have graduated from high school as well. Take the time to spend the last of it with your friends and family. Create as many precious memories as you can before you say goodbye. Leave all your regrets behind.

College is what you make of it. We may not have the colleges of our choice, but it is what you do that makes the difference. Some colleges may have more opportunities than others, but it does not mean that you cannot start something new. Make your ideas into a reality!

Just like how we started high school, we will also make new friends. College should also be a place where you should take advantage of programs and opportunities to try something new. Without knowing, you may just find something that you did not know you had a passion for.

No matter where you end up, I am sure each and every student in the class of 2016 will end up doing great things. Do not lose hope!