Dealing with stress?

If you answered yes to that question you are in the right place! I am here to tell you that no your life isn’t over and no you can’t just go into a deep sleep in hope that your problems will go away. Because honey it won’t ! But they will definitely get easier and here are a few tips to help you and your stressful situations!

Get enough sleep !

I cannot stress this enough. You need to be sleeping, you’re body needs it’s sleep. Sleep is what restores your bodies energy level and without energy throughout the day that’s a nono. Actually your body goes through stress mode in order to stay awake and alert in sub for energy! So get your sleep, usually around 7–8 hours each night will be just fine!

Eat right

When you eat good you feel good! As simple as that. You know what you should and shouldn’t eat. So choose up foods that will get your metabolism going. And don’t just eat right but ACTUALLY EAT! Many Americans skip breakfast or at least one meal. Like it or not stress occurs when your body is out of it’s natural state so make sure you are eating and drinks lots of water!


Learn to relax. Your body needs it. A nice relaxing meditation or little nap can really reduce stress. Give your body love it needs or it won’t give you the energy you need. Here are some ways for you to relax.

  1. Take a nice bath
  2. Play some sweet music
  3. Get a massage
  4. Start a diary journey
  5. Watch some of your old time good shows

Do things you love

When you’re stressed you’re schedule is packed with things that are stressful not enjoyable!! So give your self a break and relax, just like I mentioned before relax sweetheart relax and do things that you like doing. NOW THIS STEP DOES NOT MEAN TO DO THIS WITH OUT LIMITING YOURSELF. Make sure you are getting your WORK DONE AS WELL. Do this step when you actually have time to do it or when you feel you need a break.

You will always come in contact with stress. It’s important to know that it’s apart of life! Without stress you’re not growing. Always remember that stress DOES NOT control you but YOU control your stress. Knock it out the park al!!