Golden State Warriors on track to beat historic Chicago Bulls Record

The Golden State Warriors are having an astounding season and are off to the greatest first half of the season start in NBA history. Currently sitting at 48 wins and 4 losses, the Warriors are completely dominating the NBA. They Warriors have been playing with a chip on their back since the season started. Many critics called their run to the championship last year “lucky” or even “undeserved” not having to play the supposed powerhouses of the NBA such as the San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles Clippers. The Warriors this year have proved to be dominate whenever they went against a team that was supposed to be better than them. The dubs beat both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Spurs by 30pts or more each, proving their true dominance. If the Warriors want to beat the bulls 72–10 record, they will have to stay healthy and consistently put the same effort into beating teams as they would against a power house team. This proved to be evident when they received their only losses from not so up to par teams. Key players such as Festus Ezeli must become healthy in order to give the team proper rotation and keep other injuries from occurring by not overplaying their players. Either way the team has a great chance of achieving this feat.

Photo from USAToday