How Did A Hurricane Form in January?

Well, that is very unusual. It is said that hurricane season is usually between the months of June and November as a result of the warm waters that build up into a storm. However one just formed last week in the month of January.

Although January hurricanes can be rare, it is also not impossible for them to happen in an unexpected time. This was the first hurricane of the year in nearly 80 years (1938) that had formed in the Atlantic Ocean, months earlier than usual. According to U.S officials, Hurricane Alex was expected to dump around 3 to 5 inches of rain on the central Azores island, and possibly 7 inches in isolated areas. Earlier the storm has maximum winds of 85 mph. This could result in massive flash floods as well as spur mudslides. There has been one report that the hurricane indirectly led to one death where the person suffered a heart attack unrelated to the storm. Other than that, the overall effects of the storm were less than initially feared.

Some have said that there is a possibility that Hurricane Alex will end up striking the United States or Europe. What are some of your predictions?