How to be Confident

I think the biggest problem with everyone is that they lack confidence in anything that they do whether it’s because of what others said in the past or because of what others thinks. One thing that has really held me back from what I want to do is fear of not being able to get what I want or knowing that I might fail. But as we all know, everyone has and will at one point in life (believe it or not ), completely lose confidence over something they have yearn to do because of what would happen if something did go wrong. I can honestly say that even through so many practices and self talks, I still lose confidence over the smallest things but I learned to cope around it and still pursue what I want to do.

*Here are some ways to boost your confidence:

  1. Think Positive:

Think positive! I can’t even emphasize this anymore. Thinking positive will boost your confidence greatly. Thinking negative would only push you to your lowest point. Thinking positive is easier said than done but as long as you keep this as a mindset, anything is possible!

2. Stand Tall

This might not sound like something important but posture is extremely important when it comes to building up your confidence. Slouching is not a way to show others that you are confident about yourself. Slouching usually comes with people being sad or depressed. So instead of showing others that you are defeated, show others that you have conquered something.

3. Set yourself a Small Goal

Goals are something everyone can look forward to and the outcome is the best part. Being able to complete a goal you have set for yourself even if its the smallest goal will boost your confidence because you are able o realize that you yourself can accomplish anything that you want. So start now and make a small goal for yourself and each day try to take a step toward the finish line!


This is cliche enough, nothing is better than smiling. A great step to building up confidence is simply just smiling. Smiling will show others that you are content with yourself. Smiling might have to be the most powerful aspect of someone. So even through everything, just keep a big and bright smile on.

5. Be grateful

Being grateful is an essential everyone needs in their life. There are simply so many people out there who do not have the things we are blessed to have yet we are still the ones complaining the most. Be grateful for what you have and really just embrace it. Being grateful will make you feel better about things then constantly complaining about it. So instead, tell someone who has constantly been there for you a thank you.

Confidence is not something that is easy to obtain but if you continuously try to build it up step by step, I can guarantee that you will be able to boost your confidence greatly. If you see someone who is in need of confidence, try advising them and simply just motivating them because you never know what they are going through.