How to Survive Senior Year in High School?

Senior year can be challenging for some people as they start preparing for work or college. Seniors enjoy the last year with their friends, while they experience the new struggles and emotions. Here are some tips for helping seniors through this year:

1. Keep track of deadlines.

If you missed some of the deadlines, you would lose anything, even money. First, check all of the deadlines in the beginning of the year. Then, mark them on the calendar or reminder on your phone. The most important things for seniors are the college applications, sending SAT/ACT score, FAFSA, Scholarships, and job applications.

2. Set expectations for this year.

It is important to have goals for your senior year, then you do not need to worry or regret after graduation. Some of my goals for the first semester were: get a part-time job; save money for vacation; keep my GPA above 3.5; apply applications on time.

3. If you don’t know which major you should apply, it is fine.

You can choose undeclared for freshman year in college, it does not mean that it has less chance to get an offer. You can change your major any time. Don’t afraid to make a change. College major is not as important as your interest.

4. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Everyone is different and good at different area. It doesn’t mean we are less qualified than other people because we are different. On the other hand, we should be extraordinary, colleges and jobs offer opportunities to a variety of people.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk to other people.

Talk to the people you had never talk in past three years. You never know who would be your friends in the last year. It is also a practice for college life, because we will get into a bigger community that might have hundreds of thousands people.