iPhone SE — A fast phone with a cheapest price.

iPhone SE with Gold, Sliver, Space Gray and Rose Gold Colors

Apple just release their new phone called iPhone SE. iPhone SE looks like a iPhone 5S but its spec are exactly like in iPhone 6S. And the best part of this phone is that its cheaper than other iPhones.

iPhone SE has a A9 quad-core processor and a M9 Motion processor, which 6S has but SE does not have the 3D touch feature that iPhone 6S has. iPhone SE also has 12MP camera giving it the ability to record videos in 4K resolution and it has live photos feature.

Comparison of iPhone 5s, 6s and SE based on their CPU and GPU performances

I really recommend buying this phone because it has the specs of iPhone 6S yet without the 3D touch. And it is cheaper! If you don’t care about 3D touch and you want a faster phone with good camera just buy this!