Racial profiling is a longstanding deeply troubling national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a “post-racial era”. It occurs everyday, in cities,small town across a country. Police prejudice and racial profiling is responsible for many false arrests, convictions, and death of African American. It is a difficult and unfortunate part of life that certain groups of human beings must face these not equality things because of their skin color.

Racism is one of the most sensuous problems of the United States in recent times. More bloodshed destruction of property from victims of racism, but many small change can solve this problem. It seems the obsession called racist America is still clinging to made easily explode when ignited small.

When the United States not all shocked after Michael Brown black youth was shot dead by police in the town of Ferguson Missouri 918 days in the Phoenix area in Arizona, a white police officer opened fire at black men Rumain Brisbon by mistake object out of his pocket to pull a gun fight.

Less than two weeks earlier, a white police shot and killed another young black T.Rice, 12 years old, when the boy mistook it holding a gun, pointing at the people in a recreation in Cleveland. The death of Michael Brown and Eric Gamer or recent incident at Phoneix is only some part of the strong discrimination isn’t end in America.

The majority of color people are often difficult to apply for a job and if they were paid low wages often than Whites people. Although 37% of the United States, more than ⅔ of the African American community still can get the job simple but their wages are often lower than Whites people. Moreover all , the issue that racism still there because of the impact of small group is destroy the images,ideas of Black American people. It’s made people has a huge negative thinking to the largest group.

The cases has been increasing fenion relations in American society traditionally among minority communities with the police force consisting mainly of White people. I think we all deserve equality treat from everyone.