student being body-slammed by school police officer

SAN ANTONIO — A viral video showing a school police officer body-slamming a 12-year-old girl to the ground has sparked a San Antonio Independent School District investigation. The incident happened March 29 at Rhodes Middle School on the west side. . Sixth-grader Janissa Valdez is thrown to the ground by the officer. She says the kids in the hallway had been anticipating a fight between her and another girl.

This really makes me unhappy and scared for the youth in police custody . Young children have been getting in altercations with police and the police have been using unnecessary force to handle the situation. Police brutality is a very big thing in a america today.Young kids is losing their lives and not getting any justice for it. I would never understand or try to understand how its okay for a 12 year old middle school girl to be slammed on the concrete floor by a Grown man. Its not right and its terrifying to know the police cant handle little situations like this without using their force and abusing their authority. its really acceptable in my opinion. it shouldn't matter if she was attempting to fight someone or not , its just not he should of tried to calm them down or get their mothers involved not abuse the child.