The Role of the Free Press

The free press and media protects the freedom and rights of the public by accurately reporting what is occurring within our government. We can then use the information in order to make decisions and take action. If we do not like what is occurring, we can use the information to make a better informed vote. If we really do not like what is occurring, we have the freedom and the right to protest. In this way, the free press and media holds the leaders of our government responsible for their actions.

The current administration is not being covered in a positive light. It seems like every day, a new story emerges that shows the incompetence of our government. Of course, this is their fault, not the press’. They would not be covered in such a bad light if they did not make such bad decisions.

An example of ethical, accurate news coverage would be the New York Times. An example of unethical, unreliable news coverage would be Fox News or Breitbart.

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