Tips to Pass an AP Exam

If you have any AP Classes, AP Exam starts on the first week of May. Your AP Class Teachers will prepare you for the whole school year teaching the Curriculum that they were assigned to teach by the College Board. And their students will take the AP Exam in the first 2 weeks of May and trying their best to get at least a 3 on the exam so that they can earn the College credit for college. Here are some tips to Pass your AP Exam.

Know your Stuff. Make sure that you know and understand all the main topics of the class and what the topics that will be asked in the Exam. You must know also how to apply all those knowledge efficiently so that you can answer all questions with taking to long to answer the question. AP Exams has time limits.

Get enough Sleep. Sleep is huge part before the exams, if you do not have enough sleep your brain will not function efficiently. And you don’t want to sleep during the the test. So sleep early!

Eat Breakfast. Make sure your stomach is full before starting the test. You don’t want your brain thinking Burritos, Cheetos or any Food while you are in the exam. The exam is 4 hours and your Brain will in use for that period of time.

Study Early. Study the topics that you have forgot or that you don’t understand. You can either study for yourself, with a study group, or go to Tutoring with your teacher. This will give you more knowledge and understand the topics that you didn’t understand before.

Time Management. Time is crucial especially in the AP Exam. The Exam has its time limit, some subjects give a 60 multiple questions test with a time limit of 90–105 minutes, and a 6–7 Free Response questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. Manage your time answering each question and try not to spend a lot of time on one question that takes a long time to answer. You can mark that question up and come back to it if you have remaining time.

If you can follow these tips you can get a 3 or better in the AP Exam! Good Luck AP Students!

May the Credit be in your favor!

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