Why Being A Gay Asian Sucks Sometimes

My name is Tiffany Do and I’m a gay Asian. I’m 17 and I’ve been with my girlfriend for about 2 years. I’m here to tell you why being a gay Asian sucks sometimes.

My coming out story isn’t exactly the best there is, my family is very conservative and just the mention of anything LGBT will cause a rise out of them, but I’m pretty much out to everyone else besides my family. Here is my first point to why being a gay Asian sucks, you family will do absolute anything to make sure that you conformed into the way they want you to be. Now I can’t speak for every Asian family, but I can say this the one thing that my older gay Asian friends have told me is that, “Make you come out after high school and you’re out of the house and stabled,”. This just adds onto how much some gay Asians have to hide just so that they can survive, to even have a good life for themselves. The possibility of them getting kicked out, abandoned, abused or put into conversion therapy is way too high.

If you go online or even turn on the TV time to time you’ll see that all the gay people are seen as white male or females, there is not a single Asian known and the only Asian that is somewhat known is Margaret Cho. Now Asians in media is a whole another topic on its own, but when you can’t have role models to look up to, then it’s harder to find out more about yourself. The search and the pushing to really know who you are can get screwed and your culture can pretty much force your true self away. It’s hard enough trying to come to terms with who you are, but it’s worse when you got nothing behind you to help you understand yourself.

Now all I can say is that my experience as a gay Asian doesn’t speak for everyone else. I have different experiences just as everyone else, this is just some of things that I’ve encountered that made it hard for me to come to terms with who I am. It’s a struggle to be LGBT, but its even harder when you an Asian LGBT.